About Me

I come from a family of chefs. My great grandfather Fred Riccomi owned an Italian restaurant in San Francisco during the 1920s and 30s. He grew all the ingredients on his farm in Mountain View including the produce, poultry and grapes as he was a winemaker. 

One of my earliest memories in the kitchen was when my grandfather taught me to make his infamous leg of lamb, first, by cutting small incisions in the meat and stuffing it with fresh garlic cloves after which we lathered with fresh rosemary from the garden and olive oil. I also remember being the only kid in school who didn't get hot lunch. Instead I sat alone in resentment eating my organic almond butter and jelly sandwich on whole grain bread while everyone else got pizza, chocolate milk and a bag of chips - how evil I believed my mother to be. Today I can't stop thanking her for sacrificing my elementary class status for my health.

I've always been passionate about food, but it wasn't until college that I realized I could actually help people become healthy and happy. It amazed me to discover how many of my friends had eating disorders whether it be over or under eating. By the time I graduated most of my once lean friends were now fat. Left to their own devices, they lived on various forms of unfulfilling processed food. At that point I began hosting dinner parties where I seared fresh fish and roasted organic vegetables to nourish their minds and bodies!

I received basic culinary training from Mission College in Santa Clara. I am ServSafe certified, fully insured and licensed.